History of the Quest Club

By Bruce Haines


Dwight Eisenhower: His Leadership and Legacy

By Don Schmidt


The Fort Wayne Philharmonic

By Elizabeth Frederick


Indiana's Canals: Their Impact on Growth and Commerce

By Joan Brown


Urban Indiana: The Rise and Fall of the American Streetcar

By Alec Johnson


The Impact of Reservation Casinos

By Zach Benedict


The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

By John Beatty


Presidential Campaigning in Fort Wayne

Dick Florea


Great Imposters in History

By Nancy Dodd


Right Brain - Left Brain

By Suzanne Emley


Alternative Medicine: Help or Hindrance?

By Scott Miller


The Inevitable Pandemic: What is the Plan?

By Betsy Yankowiak


Is Yellowstone Sitting on Top of a Cataclysmic Volcano?

By Angie Quinn


Animal Farm & 1984

By Ellie Bogue


Gene Wilder & Richard Prior: Comedy, Race and Social Issues

By Susan Burns


How Precise Timekeeping Enables Our Lifestyle

By Todd Pelfry


The Legacy of Bud Latz

By Jan Paflas


How the Pyramids of Giza Were Built

By Ron Menze


Human Evolution: What the Latest Fossil Discoveries Tell Us

Dennis Pressler


The Medici Family

By Roger Hultquist


Flint Michigan Water

By Susan Trent


Genetic and Facial Recognition Data and Our Privacy

By Jeanne Lewis


ALICE Families: Our Neighbors

By Johnine Brown


Joseph Epstein: Eassayist Extraordinaire

By Susan Meyer


Can Our American Spirit Survive?

By Cheri Becker




































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