Our Favorite News Source: Late Night Comedy

By Bill Harris


The World According to Bees and Other Pollinators

By Jane Gerardot


Tension Between Multiculturalism and Nationalism

By Patrick May


Cryptozoology: The Search for Mythical Beasts

By Tom Hansen



By Chad Tranter


The Growing Lack of Civility in Our Culture

By Fred Hasecke


Future of Humans: Robots, AI, & Genetic Engineering

By Kathie Sessions


WWI and the Shaping of 20th Century

By John Feighner


Hidden Signals: Signs to Underground RR Signals

By Bob Nance


The Fear, Loathing and Respect for Saul Alinsky

By Fred Haigh


VOLUME ZERO: Louis Kahn and the Arts United Center

By Zachary Benedict


Fake News: The New Yellow Journalism

By Rachel Tobin-Smith


Keeping Time: From Marking Seasons to Counting Picoseconds

By David Mohan


Protecting America's Vulnerable Power and Cyber Grids

By Charlie Belch


Riverfront Fort Wayne: The Challenges

By Lauren Zuber

Social, Political, and Cultural History of America's White Underclass

By Susan Mendenhall


Forget the Harvard Comma and the Fibonacci Sequence

By Greta Southard


Fort Wayne's Long History with Pro Basketball

By Chris Bandemer


The Buy Local / Buy American Dilemma

By Dee Hoffman


The Golden Age of Radio Comedy

By Ben Eisbart

Cucks, Snowflakes, and Masculinists: The Alt-Right

By Jim Krouse

The Healing Power of Humor

By Nancy Stewart


Why Are Norwegians So Happy? What Can We Learn?

By Robert Bellinger


The National Security Agency: What Does It Do?

By Frank Johnson


Ayana Hirsi Ali: Infidel and Champion of Free Speech

By Marcia Crawford


America's Master Craftsmen

By Carol Lindquist




































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