Little Turtle and William Wells

By Carol Shuttleworth


Fear, Loathing & Respect for Saul Alinsky

By Fred Haigh


The Evolution of Superheroes

By Marc Levy


The Pareto Principle: The 80/20 Rule

By John Rogers


The Art of Caravaggio

By Scott Miller


Using Stem Cells to Treat Injuries and Disease

By Bill Argus


Ingar Kamprad: Founder of IKEA and a Global Empire

By Martin Fisher


Cultural Appropriation: Is it a Form of Discrimination?

By Liz Toole


The Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers

By Bob Kniskern


Alternative Facts: Do Different Versions of the Truth Exist?

By John Martin


The Politics of Water and Access to Clean Water

By Thomas Cain


The Importance of Humanities in Education

By Bruce Haines


George Washington's Rule of Civility

By Sherilyn Emberton


The Poetry and Writings of Khalil Gibran

By Adie Baach


Ulysses Grant: Reconsidered

By John Burns


What is the Commercial Future of Drones?

By George Dodd


Sanctuary Cities

By Jim Voelz


Saturday Night Live: Culture and Parody Since 1975

By Joan Goldner


Medicine During the Civil War

By Angie Quinn


The History of Immigration Laws

By Bill Johnson


The Modern Silk Road

By Paula Hughes-Schuh


The Legacy of Lyndon Johnson

By Julie Donnell


Tversky and Kanneman: The Unlikely Nobel Duo

By Liz Brown


Why is Africa so Poor?

By Mark Thoma


Alexander Hamilton: A Modern Marvel

By Bob Beatty




































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