Gasoline - Who Profits? Is Speculation Bad?

By John Clarke


Reality (Game) Shows, from Roman Times 'til Now

By Sabah Al-Saud


Cost of Political Campaigns, Superpacs/Media Bias/Dirty Tricks

By Linda Buskirk


What is the Nature of Human Nature; Meaning of Humanity?

By Sherrill Colvin


Has America Become an Entitlement Society?

By Kathy Callen


History of Australian Aborigines

By Michael Arata


Islam - Sunni vs Shia; What's the Issue?

By Jeff Krull


Is Opera Coming or Going?

Adie Baach


The Lighter Side of Winston Churchill

By Mick McCollum


21st Century Agribusiness vs Sustainable/Local Food Markets

By Alan Grinsfelder


Anti-Americanism: Why Do They Hate Us?

By Stanley Levine


Steve Jobs/Apple - Change Agents

By James Wehrenberg


What Does Right-to-Work Mean?

By Kathryn Roudebush


Who Were the Melungeons of the U.S. South?

By Al Brothers


W.G. & G.W. Ewing - The Fur Empire that Helped Build Fort Wayne

By Michael Galbraith


The Teenage Brain - How Does it Work?

By Carl Drummond


Americans Thinking Green - Thomas Jefferson to Henry Mitchell

By Connie Haas-Zuber


Curious Habits of Birds

ByDee Hoffman


Manners, Etiquette, Courtesy - Customs of the Past

By Nancy Stewart


Ray Kroc; The Cultural Impact of McDonalds

By John Feighner


Evolution of Liberty - From Declaration of Independence to the 13th Amendment

By Charlie Belch


Cancer - a 100 Year Review

By George Manning


Theodore Roosevelt

By Rachel Tobin-Smith


Sailing to Byzantium

By Fred Hasecke


The Serpent as a Symbol of Both Good & Evil

By Thomas Hansen

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