Confederate Monuments

By Bill Cast


Can Our American Experiment Survive?

By Cheri Becker


Genetic Facial Recognition Data and Our Privacy

By Jeanne Lewis


The Medici Family

By Roger Hultquist


Joseph Epstein: Essayist Extraordinaire

By Susan Meyer


Flint Michigan Water

By Susan Trent


The Evolution of the Bible

By Steve Williams


The Role of the Federal Reserve Board

By Lance Richey


Plastic: The Wonder Material's Uses and Abuses

By Jim Wehrenberg


The Women's Rights Movement and the Women of Senaca Falls

By Michael Arata


Great Literary Hoaxes

By Ellen Cutter


ALICE Families - Our Neighbors

By Michael Galbraith


The Chautauqua Heritage

By Kory Klosterman


A History of Protests in Fort Wayne

By Connie Haas Zuber


The Future of Private Institutions in Higher Education

By David Lupke


Trends in Industry in Allen County

By Davis Steiner


Thinking in Two Languages

By Marcia Futter


Gene Stratton Porter: Great Visionary Naturalist

By Melinda Haines


Cole Porter

By Wayne Peterson


The Photograpy of Peter Turnley

By Al Brothers


The Case for Optimism

By Michael Lindvall


Why Does a Baseball Curve? The Physics of Sports

By Sabah Al-Saud


Dr. Anthony Fauci

By Jim Griest


Environmental Impact of the St. Lawrence Seaway on the Great Lakes

By Marilyn Moran Townsend


The Marx Brothers Philosophy

By Jim Sparrow




































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